A (warm) winter Christmas in England

Parentals arriveMy mum and dad were lovely enough to make the short trip from New Zealand to visit in September. In fact, mum booked their tickets before I had even left the country back in February.

Unfortunately they couldn’t stay for Christmas – my brother in Australia had already booked them in – but they came for a couple of weeks in Autumn. Which was good, because they could help with my Christmas shopping!

I was so pleased to see them, and they even rented a cottage on our road so we could see them more often.

We travelled all around Dorset together, which was wonderful!

Still got the same amazing fashion sense.
Me and my men!

Mum and I went horseriding again!

We seemed to blink and they were gone again. Two weeks went way too quickly. But I’m so pleased they came.

Thankfully, their trip was timed very well. No sooner had they left, that Reece and I had to focus on organising the last bits and bobs for our Iceland trip. And then we had Christmas arrive shortly after!

Christmas in Bath
Spending a Christmas in England has been on my bucket list since I was 9-years-old. What better way to celebrate than to have a day in Bath on the lead-up to the big day!

It was raining of course, but we didn’t let this dampen our spirits as we perused the Christmas market stalls beneath the street’s Christmas lights.

It was very busy, as expected for this time of year. But we didn’t end up buying anything as there wasn’t a huge amount of interesting or unusual gifts. Just locally-sourced meat and locally-made fudge, for the most part.

Nevertheless, we did go on a spending spree for second-hand DVDs and Xbox games.

Back home…
The Christmas Tree is up!

Our home-grown Christmas tree…

…and our Christmas gifts are ready. We decided to make Sloe Gin for everyone four months ago!

The week of Christmas, we bottled them up.


We gave them a taste-test first, of course.

The days grew colder and foggier…

Christmas Day arrives!
Aaaaaaaannd… It. Wasn’t. Cold. We had Christmas lunch with the doors open… Very disappointed.

But I didn’t let the mild weather spoil the day – we were spoiled rotten! And had an incredible day with my fiancee’s family.

We gifted our home-made Sloe Gin, which went down a treat.

I felt right at home, and embraced the Christmassy spirit.

Another thing ticked off the list!