Birdwatching, sightseeing and a pony with a moustache

More wonderful excursions in and around Essex!2016-04-12 11.53.45 (1)

We spent a sunny Saturday in London where we discovered the thrills of having a railcard, which deducted a chunk from our £26 return ticket, and the bizarre creations within Tate Modern (no offence…).

I couldn’t believe how many people mill around the city. It was absolutely packed! My personal bubble was being invaded at every turn, to the point where I pondered if I was invisible.

2016-04-09 11.36.04


2016-04-09 16.30.40

We quickly realised our mistake of going, not only on the weekend, but during the school holidays after queuing for 30 minutes to get into the Natural History museum.

2016-04-09 12.13.54 2016-04-09 12.13.57


The displays were interesting, nevertheless.

Cruising over the Millennium Bridge, we spent the afternoon drinking alcoholic coffees.

2016-04-09 16.57.42
Wish I could remember the name of this restaurant…

The next day we went to the Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society in Pitsea, a place where horses and ponies are rescued and offered a sanctuary before being fostered out. THEY WERE GORGEOUS.

My boyfriend favoured a huge chestnut thoroughbred, and I picked out a cheeky wee piebald cob – who loves kisses and cuddles – with A LOT of mane, named Gulliver. (He also had a super majestic moustache.)

2016-04-10 13.10.26

2016-04-10 12.40.50

We finished the weekend off by going to the antique shops of Battlesbridge, which I loved.

Before going to Hanningfield’s nature reserve where we went for a wander and did a spot of bird watching… Well. Sort of.

20160412_120558 20160412_120538

It was a lovely weekend!

2016-04-12 12.03.42 2016-04-12 11.57.302016-04-12 11.53.51 (1)The following weekend was somewhat less eventful, but enjoyable nonetheless.

We went to the Essex Police Museum in Chelmsford. We were promised jail cells and crime scenes, but were left a little disappointed.

IMG-20160417-WA0012 [632556]

The jail cell was a room with brick-printed wallpaper, a mannequin and an old commode that I made use of.

IMG-20160417-WA0005 [632557]

The crime scene was of a half-eaten sandwich on a chair.

Despite our brief 10 minute tour of the museum – which was about 15 square feet in size – we managed to get some mildly amusing photographs.

IMG-20160417-WA0006 [632554]

The next day, we went to Dagenham market, which was interesting not because of the glamorous products available, but because of the people. Facial tattoos, bulldogs and high heels was the fashion of the day. Anything glittered, or camo-printed was the go-to style.

Peculiar items were on sale, however. Axes, shovels, balaclavas, ex-army gear, cheap cleaning agents sold in bulk… I couldn’t help but think they were suspiciously corpse-burying-related-items..?

Quite lucky with the weather, anyway. We did have a big downpour one night, but these English brick houses block out so much of the noise that I barely knew. (Unlike the tin rooves and wooden houses of New Zealand that amplify every drop.)

Well, that’s the update from me! Off to the Lake District tomorrow via coach.