Bournemouth: Sandbanks, seafood and clifftops

Panoramic photo of Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth.

My lovely boyfriend drove us seven hours from Scotland to Bournemouth, where our first day was full of sun, beaches and ponies.

Bournemouth is a beautiful place, tucked between the New Forest (full of wild ponies), beaches and Cornwall. A classic summer holiday destination.

On our first day we went to Hengistbury Head, where we walked down stony beaches and up over cliff tops. We got a stunning view of the Isle of Wight, and of the towns below.

2016-03-17 12.17.52


2016-03-17 12.26.37

We then drove through the New Forest, dodging cyclists, quad bikes and the odd stray pony. We parked up at a local pub and sat outside with a couple of ciders.

2016-03-17 14.51.37
This little grey pony is mine!

2016-03-17 14.53.42

Glorious day!

The next day we took a drive through Bournemouth town centre.

We walked along the seafront, around the pier, past stagnant merry-go-rounds, and tourists. We strolled through the high street and into the flowered gardens.

2016-03-20 12.36.56 2016-03-20 12.38.14

Didn’t even feel like I was in England any more!

2016-03-20 12.47.49

Bournemouth is a beautiful town that becomes absolutely packed during the summer months due to the sandy beaches and entertainment.

An absolute highlight of my time in Bournemouth so far was when my boyfriend spoilt me, and took me to Rick Stein – a fancy-pants seafood restaurant on the seafront of Sandbanks.

Going dining


Just as the sky was turning coral and indigo, we were sat at a table watching the sun set. With a bottle of wine crunched into a bucket, and a four course meal before us. We marvelled at the view and took notice of fellow patrons.

An elderly couple caught our attention, who clearly made dining out at posh, elegant restaurants a regular occurrence. With two bottles of wine open on their table they were casually dressed, and sent several meals back to the kitchen numerous times.

One meal was unacceptable due to her husband’s distaste for corn.

2016-03-20 18.17.11
Almost a full moon on our night out

Our meals were absolutely divine, nevertheless. We caught Rick Stein on the telly a few nights before, where he was talking about a black risotto he makes. He uses the ink from a certain kind of squid to make the risotto jet black.

My boyfriend dug into it, giving himself gothic lipstick after. But he said the dish was so tasty, that the make-over was worth it.

I had a salmon salad to start, and a tender lamb and veggie main. Delicious! I was so full!

I even tried oysters – how adventurous of me.

There is more to come from Bournemouth!