Iceland Road Trip: City camping

Days 5 and 6


This post documents two of our final days in Iceland. Fitting two days into one post is surprisingly easy at this point of the trip because there isn’t a huge amount to see along the North and West coast of Iceland.

But this is why going anti-clockwise on your road trip is so important. This way if you’re running out of time, you can cut the corner out and not miss out on any of the most famous and prominent scenery that you would have to miss if your last stretch was to rush along the South coast.

Day 5 – driving to Akureyri passing the last of the bubbling and smoking lakes…

iceland_jodiehart_thermalA driving day to the north of Iceland, stopping off at more waterfalls along the way. Here, is a city called Akureyri.iceland_jodiehart_waterfall


We were growing tired very quickly after a day of driving. We could see the city miles before we reached it as we wound down a hill and over the long bridge across the port.

We had to guess where the campsite was, but we eventually stumbled across it with help to a giant city map at the entrance to the city. We didn’t hang around long, as the campsite appeared to be an empty field behind some dodgy-looking flats, and it was closed for the winter anyway.

Exhausted and frustrated, we found the nearest place to eat – an empty pizza restaurant.

Helpful staff handed us an English menu and I decided to delve into Icelandic culture and order a pizza with banana toppings. I loved it! Way better than pineapple on pizza! But it wasn’t to everyone’s tastebuds as Reece turned his nose up.

The bathrooms were glamorous and a welcome change to the campsite toilets we’d been using.

That night, we slept at a rural campsite just outside of the city. Quite expensive for off-season use, if I’m honest. But great shower and toilet facilities. Unfortunately we had to share them with another Happy Camper couple, who were quite pedantic, and adamant that they must have access to the kitchen facilities. They were on the phone to the campsite owner immediately after arriving demanding a key to the kitchen… Pretty sure that’s why we have a gas stove in the van, but who am I to judge…


Day 6 – heading back to Reykjavik
In the morning, we were ready. We had seen everything we came to see. We had exhausted everything Iceland had to offer us, and we were satisfied.

We celebrated our final day on the road by going on our final hike, which was cut short due the bridge over a waterfall being broken – according to some American tourists we met on the way.



So we were soon back on the road. But boy, where were the campsites?? Could not find a single one open, and by this stage, we were not in the mood for settling without a shower.

We ended up in the inner city of Reykjavik – without a city map!! I had to run into hotels along the way to ask for directions. They were all so helpful and printed out Google Maps for us.

We eventually spent the night in the middle of the city in an over-crowded campsite, which backed on to a hostel. Bleh. No staff around to clean or keep the order either.

There was one shower and two toilets between what must have been about fifty travellers. We had to share the facilities with men and women, which was a bit horrid… (There was poo on the bathroom floor.) ?

Being in the city, we began to feel quite ready to go home! Neither of us are city/shopping kind of people, and the weather was turning in. We weren’t used to the noise of the city having had silence for five days, so stayed in our van playing cards instead of venturing out.

Tomorrow would be our final day…