Iceland Road Trip: Homeward bound

Day 7 – our final day 










We woke up in the cold, damp city campsite and waited for all the other campers to leave before we attempted to use the facilities.

We had a late breakfast and got back on the road for the last half-hour leg to the Happy Campers depot. We gave the van back without any worries, and they gave us a lift to the airport.

We had hours to kill while waiting for our flight at the airport, which was a bit tiresome, but we took advantage of the free wifi and played The Chase on Reece’s phone.

iceland road trip

But we were eventually on the plane and home by midnight (after poor Reece had to drive about three hours from the airport home – this man is Superman.) But we were soon home at last.

Ladies and gentleman, if camping teaches you anything (whether in a van or tent), it is how much you appreciate a private, hot shower and a cozy, warm, comfortable bed.

This is what you call ‘happiness.’

We slept contently, appreciating all of the amazing and wonderful things we had experienced in Iceland, and woke up late.iceland_jodie_reece

Overall, Iceland was the most exciting, exhilarating and adventurous holiday I’ve ever had. It was a surreal experience in some ways, but also a realisation that if you dream about a place long enough it can become glorified, with unrealistic expectations – a lesson I’ve learnt repeatedly as documented in a previous blog post.

Iceland is beautiful, with amazing horses and stunning night skies. But it is not a place I would like to pack my bags and escape to forever,  which is something I always thought I’d want to do. It is sparsely populated, which wasn’t so much peaceful as creepy. It is crazy-expensive, something that I only now realise to be a huge restriction (since moving out of home). And, the cold North wind isn’t so much refreshing, as it is painful.

This Icelandic reality-check has not been a dream-crusher or a disappointment, so much as a relief knowing there is no place I would rather be, than here in rural Dorset (in a cozy loft of a yellow cottage with my fiancee!). I really do feel content and comfortable in my life now that I have given teenage-Jodie’s idea of paradise a try.

Iceland, I’d like to thank you profusely for everything you’ve done. But for now, I’d like to love you and leave you. We had an amazing time on your surreal island, and we will never forget the incredible adventure we had in our little red van.

We shall tell everyone to visit the land of ice and fire! It’s definitely worth it if you’re wanting a road trip adventure. (And if you’re a horse-lover!)