Iceland road trip: Walter Mitty’s skateboarding road

Day 4

the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty-longboard-a9plhlux1Today we mostly drove. It was long, windy roads that led us up and over mountain ranges, and through one-lane bridges in the middle of the highway.

We drove past beautiful lakes that reminded me of Queenstown, that mirrored the surrounding mountains. We pulled over and took a few snaps!



The further East we went, the fewer people we saw. The further North we went, the more snow we saw.

On some of the unmade roads, we felt the van sliding beneath us, despite the studs in our tyres.



But we kept on going, and soon we turned off of the main highway – because we were on a mission!

You may recall in my first post that I was desperate to go to Iceland, mostly inspired by the Ben Stiller movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

So, before setting off on our adventure to Iceland, we marked out a couple of places where they filmed iconic scenes. And today, we were off to the long windy hill that Walter Mitty skateboards down!

waltermitty skateboard

And, we finally found it!

We were originally wondering if we got the wrong road, but then we realised we were driving UP it. It did still look different from this perspective, though. Mostly due to the lack of sun and colour correction that the movie sported.

Walter Mitty’s skateboarding scene: watch is here! 


We veered off to take some photos of me recreating the skateboarding scene. With rocks strapped to my hands and my best skateboarding stance, Reece organised the photoshoot! (Just imagine the skateboard beneath my shoes.)


We wound our way up the hill, until we peeked the top of the mountain. Then we spiralled all the way down the other side. We finally came to a town that I suddenly recognised as the place where Walter Mitty is picked up from as the eruption sirens go off.




We found it!

After the excitement wore out, we realised we were in a very quiet…
Very isolated…
Very creepy…
Small, Icelandic town…
In the middle of the mountains.iceland_jodiehart_walter_mitty_town

During the winter, this community would likely be snowed in, with the only way to escape being via boat, along the port and out into the Norwegian Sea.

Needless to say, we did not stay long.

We made our way back to the larger town on the other side of the mountain range to a campsite, with convenient free Wifi at the petrol station across the road. Perfect for telling everyone about our engagement!

We frequently passed other Happy Campers around this town, and even a couple of brave (or crazy) hitchhikers.

It was another lovely day. 🙂iceland_jodiehart_happycampers  The next morning, we continued driving into day 5…iceland day 4

*Special thank you to my glorious FIANCEE who took all the amazing photos and video on our trip* tehe.