Middle-earth and the return of Jodie

Below: The look of relief.

Jodie returns to New ZealandIn October, I returned to New Zealand for three weeks. Sadly, my significant other was unable to come with me due to work commitments.

Nevertheless, it was glorious! Back in my old room where mum had a bouquet of sunflowers displayed, my little bathroom with a shower (a luxury I’ve since missed), the forest up the road, and our local supermarket, Pak n’ Save…

Pak n Save albany new zealand - jodie goes jetsetting

And our animals!

Sadly Elijah the horse was put down a couple of months before my return, which was inconvenient to say the least.
Elijah the horse - new zealand jodie goes jetsetting

But I did get to see my old friend Alice the cat whose potent stench hinted that she was potentially dead at the time. But she has since officially died now, I have been told.
Alice the cat - jodie goes jetsettingI met Henrietta the hen for the first time – she’s such a funny chook! Sadly, she was savagely killed by a dog this week…
Elijah the horse and henrietta the hen - jodie goes jetsettingMr Tumnus and Lucy the goats seem to be surviving my parents though. So all-in-all, a successful meet-and-greet.Goats - jodie goes jetsetting in new zealandThe horses next door were still alive though:
The thoroughbred next door in new zealandRata the horse in new zealand - jodie goes jetsetting

We went to some of my favourite beaches where we saw orca whales! It was truly a spectacular experience!

orca whales in new zealandjodie goes jetsetting in new zealand beaches

We had an arts and crafts day where we decorated Apache and Elijah’s old horse shoes.
Apaches horsehoe - jodie goes jetsetting
And a day for sorting through old photos.

james and Jodie Hart - jodie goes jetsetting

Mum and I went wedding dress shopping, and found my dream dress! (For obvious reasons, I am unable to publish the dress I have bought.) But here is a photo of me wearing my mum’s wedding dress from the 1980s – what a HOOT:
jodie goes jetsetting - wedding dressjodie goes jetsetting - mum in wedding dress

Speaking of weddings, we went to Melbourne for my brother’s Mexican-themed wedding, where I was a bridesmaid. It was a lot of fun getting glammed-up and seeing my people again!

jodie goes jetsetting wedding jodie goes jetsetting weddingjames and avrielle hart

It was wonderful being home again. But I missed my man a lot – he was sweet enough to send me flowers. What a doll!

Whilst I loved my time in New Zealand, my journey in Dorset is not yet finished. We still need to go to Wales, have an all-inclusive resort holiday, have more pub lunches and go for several more hikes through Dorset first.

So while I have returned, I know I will be pulled back to New Zealand again. For now though, I will settle for Whittiker’s chocolate and Kiwi movie nights (I love Hunt for the Wilderpeople!) to nurse my mild bouts of homesickness.

Jodie goes jetsetting through Riverhead forest in new zealand