New Zealand: Sun, sea and surfing

And they’re back!

As of September, my man and I have been living back in New Zealand – and loving it!

The trip here was an absolute nightmare though. I tell you what, I’m never going via Shanghai again. I managed to lead us outside the airport on a 160 hour visa instead of transferring to our plane to Auckland (idiot). On the bright side, at least we have a stamp in our passports that proves we’ve been to China. Even if it was just for a few frantic minutes. The people in the airport were unhelpful, and the layout was confusing. Never again.

However, we survived it. I’m writing this post on the day that all of our belongings arrived from the UK. I have just hung the final picture on the wall and now feel at home and settled enough to write an update.

Before I begin, I’d like to give Seven Seas a massive thumbs up for getting our boxes of precious belongings from England to New Zealand in the three months they said, with no hiccups, no breakages and no hidden fees. They were very affordable and took care of everything. They tracked the ship the whole way, so we were even alerted to it being delayed during that massive storm near Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Would highly recommend using them if you need to get your life from country to country.


In our short time back, I have effortlessly got back into the swing of driving:

We have bought a car:

Haha – just joking. We bought a car:

Hyundai Tucson

We have been enjoying the sunshine and beaches when possible:

We have got stuck into our wedding plans, including all the gardening:

And, most importantly, I have had my first surf lesson. I was taught by my MAN:

My brother in-law filmed it:

We have taken full advantage of the outdoors and are excited to do more weekend trips away to see more of the country.

More to come, but that’s all for now.