Nights over Egypt: Our sunny resort getaway

We (me, my man, my brother-in-law and father-in-law) decided to book a sunny getaway! Jodie in HurghadaI have never felt more in need of the sun than this winter, which has been full of snow and cold toes.

We considered the Canary Islands at first, but decided on an all-inclusive, five-star resort in Hurghada, Egypt. (Which, was heavily discounted – winning!)

The five-hour flight there via Thomas Cook was unbearable thanks to the stereotypical English tourists that unfortunately sat just across the aisle from us. This couple had an enormous alcohol-fuelled fight, and were eventually split up and escorted off the plane when we eventually landed.

Also during the flight, a lady fainted and the air hostesses lost. Their. Heads. They absolutely panicked as though the plane was falling from the sky:


*Slams on the button for assistance multiple times.*


The lady was fine. But the whole plane was in hysterics. You’d have thought the staff didn’t have any first aid training.

We finally landed and my face was willingly assaulted by 30 degree winds. No complaints here.

ON OUR WAY TO THE RESORTRoyal Sunshine Makadi ResortThe coach took us to our resort. On the way, despite it being pitch black, I got my first glimpse of Egypt. This desert environment looked uninhabitable – how did people survive here before they were able to import food? I’m going to Google this shortly…

Beside the roads were half-built structures, random rubble and bricks, a stray dog, a woman standing by the road in the middle of nowhere, and dumpsters that seemed to appear at random.

Then, a check-point with guards with a machine gun in one hand, and a toilet roll in the other (no joke). Perhaps the rumours were true – Egypt was a dangerous place, and also a place where you got the sh*ts. (We discovered the latter was certainly true within 24 hours of landing.)

Miles away from the city and from the airport, we arrived at the Royal Sunrise Makadi Hotel. It was glorious.



Our mornings began the same way everyday with a buffet.

They had a room filled with food from cereal to toast to mashed potato to stews. Anything your heart desired, it would be available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although, making a solid meal out of so many odds and ends took a bit of creativity.

We would then make our way to the beach for a 9am sunbathe, which was stunning.Jodie goes sunbathing

Beach at Makadi

The water was warm and crystal-clear with colourful, rainbow fish and black fish that followed you around, hoping you’d feed them with pita bread you’d stolen from the buffet.Hurghada - Jodie goes Jetsetting

I had never been snorkeling before in my life. Being out of my depth in the sea was my worst fear for many years, because I was so scared of what was beneath me.

But here, you could see the bottom of the ocean where ever you swam, and you were in a patch of water that had nets around it to keep the worst of the sea monsters out.

Jodie Goes Jetsetting - Diving

Jodie Goes Diving in Hurghada

We’d tend to get hungry before lunch, so we’d snack on pizza (a phrase I never thought I’d be able to use) before our buffet in the afternoon.

After lunch, we’d hit the slides! I felt like this was where I was well in my element; I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jodie on waterslides

In between sliding, we would sunbathe and read. I read Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, then moved on to Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places (reviews to come!).
My man reads
We’d snack on pizzas again, and maybe a doughnut before dinner, have a few cocktails and a shandy or two… This was when I discovered my love for Pina Coladas. Thank you Jesus.

We would potter around and make fun of fellow tourists and their photo shoots before heading to dinner.

Married in Egypt?

Jodie in harts

In the evenings, we’d book different restaurants for dinner to mix it up a bit. Who knew that you’d get a bit bored of buffets!

Italian, Asian, Mediterranean… But the best was the Egyptian restaurant! What an experience! We sat on the floor and ate a ton of meat. I even tried pigeon! I ate a mountain of couscous too, which was a time in my life that I will treasure forever. I. Love. Couscous.

Eating in Egypt

Eating Egyptian food

This Egyptian resort holiday was one of the best holidays I’ve been on. Sun, sea, adventure, relaxation, waterslides and food… It was heaven on earth.

My brother-in-law and fellow blogger created a fantastic video to document our time away, check it out:

Thank you very much for making this a wonderful holiday guys! Also, thank you for the photographers and videographers and models during this trip.

The Red Sea