NZ road trip: Arrowtown

Queenstown (cont.)

Speed boating and the ice bar

Speed boating was next on the agenda. We went zipping around the Queenstown lakes and spun around at every corner. It was a huge rush and so much fun to do with everyone!

That evening, we went to the ice bar. I had been there before, but it was a lot of fun this time because I was with Reece and his friends who are a lot more rebellious than me and my friends were when we last went there!

After ice glasses were eaten, cocktails were downed and photos with ice sculptures were taken, we realised 15 minutes had past and we were freezing cold. (Hence why you should never pay full price to go there!) So we left and got a beer inside a normal bar next door.

Queenstown is a beautiful place for a family holiday, especially around the lake where the bars and restaurants are.


If you have a car when you’re in Queenstown, it’s worth checking out a neighbouring town called Arrowtown. It’s like you’re back in the age of gold mining, cowboys and tavern gun fights.

If you like a bit of history, you’ll enjoy it. However, you’ll have to battle your way through crowds of tourists.