NZ road trip: Bungy jumping

I began the Queenstown experience with a bungy jump off the Kawarau Bridge.


Bungy jump

Probably the best part of the trip was Queenstown.

I’d been here several times before, so I honestly wasn’t too fussed at first. However, the town provides a lot of adventure and fun if you’re up for it!

I began the Queenstown experience with a bungy jump off the Kawarau Bridge.

I had told everyone that I was going to do a bungy, so I couldn’t back out now. Since Harrison was paying for it as a wedding present, I really didn’t have any excuse not to!

The staff are very upbeat and talk to you a lot. While it does relax you, it is also a bit irritating because you’re trying to focus on what you’re about to do. Nevertheless, I engaged with their chatter and I ended up telling them my entire life story before they had even put the harness on.

After half an hour of waiting on the bridge, with the audience from the look-out growing as every minute went past, it was finally my turn.

I shuffled to the end of the ledge where the man pointed to the cameras and the people whom I had to wave to. I was not in the mood, because it was at that moment that I realised how high up I was. I gave a limp-handed wave as I clung hold to the handle.

“Let go now,” the man said.

“No,” I replied.

“You have to let go,” he said as he held firmly on to my harness. He then counted down from five at a very fast pace.

“5, 4, 3…”

Strangely, social anxiety overtook my terror of jumping as I realised how embarrassing it would be to still be standing there once he’d counted down to one. After all, I didn’t want to be impolite or awkward.

So as he de-escalated through the numbers at rapid speed, I stretched out my arms with my hands balled into fists (I didn’t want to lose my new wedding ring!) and tipped myself forward.

At the angle where you know it’s too late to turn back, I let out an almighty scream as I hurtled toward the freezing waters below.

The feeling was not of a rollercoaster making your tummy go over, it was actually the feeling of falling to your death in a dream. That feeling of terror was like a near-death experience for me that I will never forget.

As requested, I touched the water with my fists – which made me open my eyes. The bungy slowed as it stretched (I think it fixed my back actually) and then I was catapulted back and swung around for a bit.

I yelled: “I did it!” to my captive audience on the bridge.

I was then greeted by two Frenchmen in a dinghy who lowered me into the boat. They were like a comedy duo, and I later wondered if they were actually just putting on French accents to pass the time.

I ran up the stairs from the river to be greeted by the Beach family, who seemed just as excited as I was!