NZ road trip: Dunedin – Scotland down under


Sadly, it was time to farewell Queenstown and all our family and friends as we began to go our seperate ways.

Reece and I went on to Dunedin – a place I had always had a fondness for ever since I was 10-years-old when I was hoping to study to be a human rights lawyer at Otago University. (I can only assume my dad was an influence for this early career goal.)

We rolled into Dunedin late afternoon, and rocked up to our Air Bnb on the outskirts of the city. It was an ideal set-up.

We had a quick look around Dunedin, and quickly realised that it was Scotland. Yes. We had travelled halfway around the world to discover ourselves back in Scotland.

Dunedin is exactly what everyone told us would be:
It’s cold.
It’s got cool architecture and cafes.
Amazing surf beaches.
Very steep hills.
It is full of students.

There’s not a huge amount more than that, really. I could foresee it being difficult to live there in the winter – especially with those steep roads and the isolated communities.

Sorry Dunedin, I thought I was going to fall in love with you. But I definitely didn’t.

Homeward Bound.

It took us two days’ worth of driving to get from Dunedin back to Auckland. It was a blur and we were eager to get into our own bed again.

I’m so pleased we went on this epic trip. I had barely seen outside of Auckland, but now I can give you an honest opinion on lots of towns and regions in the country.