Summer times: Royal wedding, 25th birthday and family outings

The sun is out, and just like last year we have a heatwave. It’s beautiful. (Thank you global warming! 🙌)

Jodie's 2019 summer bbq

It all kicked off in May when we had Royal Wedding celebrations. I was in the UK for Kate and Will’s wedding too, so it was fabulous timing for Harry and Meghan.

I bought a ton of tiaras (and ended up wearing them all because none of the boys wanted to wear one) and drank a ton of Prosecco. It was wonderful.

royal wedding for jodie

During the wonderfully warm weather, my man and I went for many walks around where we live to admire the blue bells.

fields of dorset

Bluebells in Dorset. Summer 2019.

Bluebells of Dorset under the trees.

Jodie in the fields of Dorset

Then my birthday came! Not going to lie – it was a struggle! Turning 25 – a quarter of a century – has been a big milestone for me, but a lot of people have said that turning 30 is hundred times worse. So that’s great.

Nevertheless, I was spoilt rotten! My amazing other half got me real Ray Bans because he was fed up of me buying two-for-£3 sunnies from Primark.

Jodie wears Ray Bans

He also bought me a beautiful brown leather bag from my favourite shop FatFace:

Brown leather bag from Fat Face

And chocolates from my favourite chocolate company ever – Hotel Chocolat:
Hotel Chocolat

I got lots of amazing gifts from Reece’s family too, including a gin distillery tour (thank you Harrison), a horse trek in Cornwall where you take the horses swimming in the sea, and lots of [much needed] pampering products!

Jodies smelly tootsies

So I guess turning 25 wasn’t so bad after all…

Last week, we had some family friends come over from New Zealand to visit. We took them around the New Forest where we met this darling angel of a pony who was very keen for attention. I gave her a good scratch, hence her disheveled mane.

new forest pony

new forest grey pony

We visited Sandbanks, but our Kiwi guests were understandably probably not too fussed about a sandy beach, which is all too common in New Zealand. 🙂

Sandbanks Beach

We then headed to Lyndhurst where we window-shopped:


Before heading to lovely Lymington where we had New Forest ice cream milkshakes and wandered around the harbour.

Driving in the bus.

Another big change is that we’re moving out of our tiny diddy flat this week! So, overwhelmed with sadness, we decided to visit our favourite local restaurant one last time, Steakasaurus:


I thoroughly recommend this restaurant. It’s so cheesy with tacky interior but it’s absolutely brilliant and you wouldn’t want it any other way!

So our summer has been very busy and full of ‘one last time’ moments and ‘two years ago today…’ conversations. It’s been wonderful to kick the summer off with so many adventures, but it’s time for another big change.

The rest of our summer will be spent away from our familiar corner of Dorset, as we move to the other side of Bournemouth. Here, our excursions will include, but will not be limited to, a day at Thorpe Park, a week in Wales and a long weekend in Cornwall.