The Purbecks: Cliffs, coves and Old Harry Rocks


Another beautiful day was not wasted on us. We took a drive out to the Purbeck district.

An absolutely stunning area in Dorset with wide open fields, and walking tracks down to beaches and cliffs overlooking rock formations. Including a formation called Old Harry Rocks.

The ocean was clear and turquoise, you could see the sea floor. The air was still and fresh, and the clouds created mountains in the otherwise unblemished sky.




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The walks we went on were beautiful. I absolutely loved the Purbecks. On the paths, the people we passed smiled and said hello. Many were tourists, or on a group stroll with their walking sticks.

We drove through the Purbeck’s town of Swanage, with windy country roads weaving us between thatch-roofed cottages and green, sheep-speckled hills.

Totally idyllic. Could easily live there.

The town was overlooked by castle ruins. The way Swanage revealed itself as we winded down the hills made it easy to imagine how the horse-drawn carts 2016-03-21 10.41.27transported goods from the open fields into the town back in the day.

After checking out the cliffs and coves, we walked down to a pub, that was open for only three hours in the afternoon. It was packed! They only sold pasties and beer which, I was more than fine with.

It ended an idyllic day perfectly.

2016-03-21 10.21.05

2016-03-21 10.40.34

2016-03-21 10.33.41
But I got a bit tired, and my other half carried me on his shoulders for much of the way…
2016-03-21 10.24.03
Taking advantage of the space and fresh air. Went for a skipping session… My boyfriend wasn’t impressed.