Up in the clouds: Scottish Highlands (Part 2)


After our huge mountaineering adventure – which you can read all about in part 1 – we discovered the more humbling parts of rural Scotland.

We found ourselves in numerous pubs – even one that turned out to be a hidden, underground, local tavern (judging by the looks we got from the vivid characters there).

It was where the barman shared a pint with the patrons, and a head-shy, scruffy dog with a brand new multi-coloured collar wandered around.

I named the dog Wally.

Speaking of animals in the highlands, we came across some absolutely gorgeous wee Shetland ponies! There were three of them in a paddock on the side of the road. A chestnut, and two dark bays.ponies

ponies3Their coats were so thick that I couldn’t even run my fingers through them.

Their manes were so heavy that every time I pushed it out of their faces, it would plop back down over their eyes.

I can understand how these animals  can withstand the harsh conditions that the highlands must endure. They are so hardy – they’re 100% hair.

They brightened up my day… Actually, they brightened up my week – I’ve been so pony-deprived! 20160306_121618

We visited the Commando Memorial, a 17-foot-high bronze statue of three commandos looking toward Ben Nevis. It was unveiled by the Queen Mother in 1952, in memory of those who fought in World War Two. It was certainly humbling being surrounded by snowy mountains, in such a historic and meaningful place.

IMG-20160306-WA0008The memorial is visited by tens of thousands of people every year. This category-A listed monument is one of Scotland’s best-known war memorial sites.


We went for a long, long drive toward Loch Ness. We passed through a village of vacant shops. It was a little bit creepy. We kept going, and going for hours until our food supplies ran low. The signs for Loch Ness became few, and the tourists were no where to be seen.

To our right, we saw a giant lake, figured it was probably part of Loch Ness – and the best view we’d be able to get of it without tourists taking photos on iPads in front of us. So we contently turned around, and drove back into Fort William.2016-03-04 12.18.17We stocked up on sandwiches and chocolate milk, and found a pleasant country road to park up and eat. We had a view of sheep, barren hills and snow-topped mountains – including the one we climbed.

2016-03-04 12.40.28
My future house

Certainly a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to hear your thoughts.

  • Big thank you to Reece for taking some fancy pants photos in the highlands.