Wales: Here lies Dobby, a free elf

Fresh Water West Beach where Dobby dies in the Harry Potter films

I managed to convince poor Reece to drive us five hours south from the Snowdonia region to the southern coastline of Wales to a beach called Fresh Water West. While it seemed like a relatively ordinary beach to most, I knew the magic behind it.

We had to visit this beach because this was where they filmed the scene where Dobby is killed and buried in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Mum couldn’t believe Reece drove me all that way to see a ‘ficticious cartoon’s grave’.


While there was nothing to mark the location – sadly no tombstone or evidence of where Shell Cottage stood – I immediately felt like I had been transported!

Panorama of Fresh Water Beach

I recognised the dunes where Dobby was buried, and the long stretch of sandy beach where Dobby apparates with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

The Welsh beach where Dobby dies The beach where dobby dies in the Harry Potter film

Harry buries DobbyDune where Dobby was buried

I do appreciate this is highly geeky of me, but I thoroughly enjoy visiting film locations and anything to do with Harry Potter… To Reece’s embarrassment.

Watch the scene here:

A brilliant beach day in the boiling hot Welsh sunshine sadly ended with a long drive back to Dorset with red noses and sandy toes.

We were so lucky to have such a warm and dry few days away in a place that is so beautiful. A million thank-yous to Reece who drove the entire 15 hour round trip in the mighty Volvo. How you put up with me, I will never know.

Severn Bridge